The TV series “Rhythm and Flow” has brought some real talent to the hip-hop world and there are some artists who are making the most out of their newfound opportunity. One of those artists just so happens to be Beanz whose real name is Sabrina Perez. The Pennsylvania artist has been impressing fans with her steady stream of releases and there is no denying that she can spit bars at will. This talent is on full display in her new track “Blow Me,” which can be streamed below.

This song features an inspiring instrumental that is filled with horns and some guitar loops. Beanz offers up some solid bars throughout the entire song as she raps about her come-up, her recent success, and even the haters that tend to come with that success. If you haven’t listened to the artist yet, this is your chance to give her a well-deserved listen.

Quotable Lyrics:

Woke up in the morning I was craving some bread
And boy it’s been a journey just to make it ahead
I’m talking with some meaning when I say what I said
So why don’t you go find some pussy to go play with instead.