Jay Z is being sued over a sample from his 2000 hit single, “Big Pimpin’,” and while he couldn’t stop the case from going to court he is trying to keep things as controlled as he can.

According to TMZ, Jay has requested that specifics of his finances not be handed over for the jury during their decision. Unfortunately, it’s pretty common knowledge that the man has money.

Later on he also argues that his past criminal charges should not be taken into consideration either, but we won’t know if his requests will be fulfilled until the judge comes to a decision.

The sample in question allegedly comes from an Egyptian composition, and really, while it should be Timbaland in the hotseat, Jay is being targeted because he is the lead artist listed on the song (and, most likely, because he has a bigger wallet). However, both Jay and Timbo are expected to testify.

We’ll keep you up to date with any new information.

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Jay Z Requests His Wealth Be Hidden From The Jury In "Big Pimpin'" Lawsuit