Bella Thorne has been on a mission as of late to make sex less of a taboo topic while also normalizing sex work. However, the way she has gone about this has led to a lot of criticism, especially this past week when she decided to launch her very own OnlyFans account. The account quickly made $2 million in just a couple of days, however, most of this was because she baited people with a photo that you needed to purchase in order to be able to see. Fans thought it would be a nude image but instead, she was simply in lingerie.

Due to this supposed scam, fans demanded chargebacks from OnlyFans which led to a brand new policy that hurts all creators by delaying their money for close to a month. Sex workers have been lambasting Thorne on Twitter and last night, she decided to apologize with a series of tweets explaining how she wanted to be supportive.

Thorne has explained that she hopes to make a documentary on the world of OnlyFans and that she even wants to reach out to the company to understand why they changed their policy so abruptly and drastically.

Despite the apology, many are still upset with Thorne and it’s easy to see why. With this in mind, this controversy won’t be going away anytime soon.