Skillz originated the viral rap round-up at the end of the year, and has been doing it for decades. This year, the veteran MC returns with “Throw It In The Trash ( The 2020 Rap Up).” As the name implies, Skillz goes in on the year we wish we could all throw out. Over a west-coast classic instrumental, Skillz breaks down everything from Trump and COVID-19, to Black Lives Matter and the passing of several stars.

The song takes an emotional turn near the end where Skillz ends the track at 8:46 as a tribute to George Floyd. Along with the track, Skillz blessed fans with a video to go along with the music this year. Check out “Throw It In The Trash ( The 2020 Rap Up),” which takes shots at Kanye West, Terry Crews, Joe Budden, and more.

Quotable Lyrics
The year started out fun
Felt like it could’ve been the one
From the jump they tried to impeach Trump
Couldn’t get the shit done