Mario Judah was not lying when he said he would drop his own version of Whole Lotta Red if Playboi Carti does not drop the long-awaited project.

The elusive “Die Very Rough” rapper made good on his promise, Saturday, releasing the first single to his own Whole Lotta Red titled “Bih Yah.” The track is clearly in the style of Carti with his signature high pitched vocals.

“Today’s December 6th and you still not drop Whole Lotta Red, pathetic,” Judah said, Saturday, in a video posted to his Twitter. “You know what that means bro, I warned you time after time after time and you let us all down, Pathetic. I am gonna give you a grace period. You have until 6 to still drop ‘Whole Lotta Red’, if you do not drop by 6 pm, I will drop exactly a minute later.”

Check out the must-listen single below and be on the lookout for Judah’s Whole Lotta Red.

Quotable Lyrics:

Pop a bean (Pop it, pop it)
Pussy n***a (Pussy n***a), I’m on that lean (I’m on that lean)
I’m on that molly, she’s fuckin’ with me (She’s fuckin’ with me)