We are in the middle of a pandemic which means many people are forced to stay inside and wait everything out until the virus has been eradicated. This could take months which means we are going to be shacked up in our homes for a very long time. With this in mind, entertainers around the world are looking for ways to spend their free time while also providing a distraction for their fans. Boosie Badazz has been at the forefront of this movement over the past couple of days.

Boosie’s IG lives have been hilarious and typically feature women in compromising positions, willingly, of course. Today, Shaq decided to hop on live with Boosie and showed off his feet. Yes, that’s right, the four-time NBA champion showed off his eyebrow-raising big toe which had Boosie disgusted.


Shaq’s toe was certainly a change of pace from everything else we’ve seen from Boosie’s IG live lately. Regardless, it made for a hilarious segment that fans in the comments were loving every second of. We imagine Boosie went back to the regularly scheduled programming immediately after this went down. 

After what Shaq decided to show off, we doubt he will be back on Boosie’s livestream anytime soon.