Canadians are extremely prideful when it comes to the artists they produce. This is especially true when it comes to Montrealers who live in a province that prides itself on having both English and French speakers. Zach Zoya is one of the artists who has emerged from that scene and has been making waves in his city and abroad. Fans have caught on to his brand of diverse r&b-infused hip-hop, and now, he’s blessing those fans with a new EP called “Spectrum.”

“It’s important for me to keep my music diverse through different energies and emotions,” Zoya said in a press release. “The whole point of ‘Spectrum’ is to fuck up the idea of the EP having an overall mood, my point was to represent multiple emotions. Each song has its own emotional depth and impact, its own experience, but together, they represent the full concept of the EP – the spectrum of human emotions.”

The EP consists of six tracks with only one feature coming from UK artist Angel. This is the type of EP fans have been hoping for and the diverse range of sounds will certainly make for a nice listen this weekend.


1. Le Cap
2. Pillz
3. In Da Way
4. Stick By You 
5. Patience feat. Angel
6. Slurpee