Kanye West truly shocked the world just a few days ago when he decided to announce, seemingly out of nowhere, that he would be running for President. Of course, his declaration was followed by a ton of inaction as it was revealed that he hasn’t even registered as a candidate. Clearly, Kanye was just getting his fans riled up on social media, but this didn’t stop others from debating what a Kanye presidency would look like. Many disavowed the concept of Ye running for President, while some have actually embraced it.

One of those who are willing to give West a chance is none other than YG. While speaking to Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed at Real 92.3, YG was asked about West and whether or not he would receive his vote. As YG explained, he is more than willing to vote for Kanye, although he hopes the community puts pressure on the artist to do right by his people.

YG Plans To Vote Kanye West For President

YG was then made aware that Kanye won’t be able to run in a few states, which led to YG saying: “It’s all cap.” Based on his remarks, YG would prefer to vote for Kanye but if he’s not on the ballot, he will simply have to look elsewhere.

Perhaps Kanye will have to wait another four years before he really gives this whole President thing a real shot.