Ben Carson has been known to put his foot in his mouth from time to time, especially when he starts speaking out on things he doesn’t know much about. For a brain surgeon, Carson had displayed very little understanding of political concepts and when he’s interviewed, he seems to be pretty ill-prepared and downright misinformed. 

Well, today, Carson was misinformed once again as he was asked about Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who kneel during the National Anthem. Throughout the interview, Carson explained that these players would get a pass if they just came out and said that they love America. As ESPN reporter Mina Kimes quickly pointed out, Kaepernick explicitly said that he loved America, back in 2016 when he first started protesting.

Carson’s blatant disregard for facts or historical reference points led to a field day on Twitter, as many sought to roast him for his ignorance. Ever since the start of these protests, Republican lawmakers and to some extent Democrats as well, have shown their true colors when it comes to peaceful protesting. As displayed by Carson, it also seems like they don’t care to do much research on the people they are criticizing.

Check out some of the reactions to Carson’s comments, below.