DaBaby Shares New Verse On “Rockstar” Referencing Police Abuse Of Power

DaBaby updates his “Rockstar” record to reflect moments of police brutality and support the protests.

BYRose Lilah
DaBaby Shares New Verse On “Rockstar” Referencing Police Abuse Of Power

DaBaby was hit with a bit of online backlash the other day when he opted to share a seemingly random video clip of himself with his face inside a Chic-Fil-A takeout bag-- his fans responded with one very clear directive: now's not the time. 

While his fans may have been looking for something a bit more central to the dialogue happening right now surrounding systemic racism, the rapper had previously provided his perspective and shared his own experiences with law enforcement gone awry.

Now, he's taken things to the studio. The rapper shared clips on his IG stories last night of himself in the booth, working on an updated version of his collaboration with Roddy Ricch that initially appeared on Blame on it Baby.

The song has a whole new verse and lyrics, which speak directly to the protests happening around the world. After the new verse ends, DaBaby tacks on the original chorus and verse to keep the song going.

DaBaby starts off:

"Even if I told you, still wouldn't understand what happened

Rather be myself, if people look at me, don't matter, 

A rockstar n*gga

Just tryna keep it kosher

Tryna keep my eyes on my own paper, like my teachers told me

Soon as n*ggas think it's over, poof

Number one on the charts, I'ma live vicariously

Oh there they go

Bias and pushing negative narratives

I'm ready though

Cops wanna pull me over, embarrass me

Abusing power

You never knew me, thought I was arrogant

As a juvenile, police pulled they guns like they scared of me"

He continues later as he eases fans back into the original version:

"Just watched the news, they burning cop cars n*gga

Kill another n*gga, break the law, and call us outlaws n*gga

What happened? Want us to keep the peace

Shoulda seen em hating bitch's face when I hopped out the Lamborghini

Throw up my middle finger, police can't catch me this a..."

Check out the updated version below and let us know what you think of the new lyric additions.


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