Ice-T Appalled By Donald Trump's "Law And Order" Tweet

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Ice T isn't here for Donald Trump's invocation of "Law And Order," taking to Twitter to voice his displeasure.

Legendary rapper Ice-T is no stranger to police brutality, having previously stirred controversy in 1992 with his unapologetic single "Cop Killer." Today, with protests against racial injustice and systemic racism ongoing throughout North America, Ice T has remained firm in his beliefs. Even though some may experience cognitive dissonance given his longstanding role as Finn Tutuola on Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Ice T has never been one to turn his back on the victims of prejudice. 

Ice-T Appalled By Donald Trump's "Law And Order" Tweet
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Sadly, Donald Trump took it upon himself to invoke Law And Order in a recent tweet, although it's unlikely he intended to make reference to the beloved series. Still, the word choice was enough to draw Ice's ire, who responded in kind with a succinct yet impactful few words: "This MF..." Clearly, Ice has had enough of Donald Trump's inflammatory ways, tweets that feel like further provocation to an already divided nation. 

If it wasn't already abundantly clear, Ice-T is not here for Donald Trump in these trying times. It's a perfect on-brand response for the legendary rapper, who recently declared himself to be "Too Old For The Dumb Shit" on his latest single. Unlikely that Trump gets fazed by Ice's disapproval, but a reminder that art does not always imitate life -- even though some may wish it did.

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