Antonio Brown has been heavy with the antics all throughout 2019 and it doesn’t appear like he will stop anytime soon. The NFL wide receiver continues to say some pretty dubious things on social media which always tends to get some coverage. Whether it’s him putting a stop to white women, or his brand new album, Brown never stops typing. 

Perhaps his most bizarre revelation yet came in the form of his preferred punishments for kids. Yes, that’s right, Brown took the bold stance of how he would prefer to beat his kid if he were to actually do it. As you can see from the tweet below, he would prefer to use a lavish tool as opposed to a cheap one. AB is truly digging deep into his childhood here and it’s hard to condone anything that he just said.

So there you have it, Brown would prefer a designer belt to a normal one. This seems like a weird stance to take especially when you’re being investigated by the NFL. While Brown’s tweet is purely hypothetical, it’s fairly outlandish, to say the least. It’s been a rough year for Brown and this latest statement could make it much harder on him.

How do you feel about this latest bit of antics? Has AB officially gone too far?