Lil Dicky’s Dave has proven to be quite the hit, and even that is teetering on understatement. Not only is the semi-autobiographical comedy the highest-rated show in FXX history, but it has also captivated many members of the hip-hop community — including some who might have been on the fence about Dicky’s music to begin with.

Charlamagne Tha God Reflects On Lil Dicky's "Dave" Finale
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Yet few can say that Dave Burd doesn’t possess a shrewd level of self-awareness, as clearly revealed in the climactic scene of Dave’s season one finale — an episode that featured an appearance from both Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee. The scene itself — and SPOILERS for those who haven’t yet caught the episode — featured Lil Dicky’s first appearance on The Breakfast Club, where he was swiftly grilled by the hosts about topics of cultural appropriation.

Yesterday, Charla has taken to Instagram to voice his thoughts on the series. “In my humble, personal opinion @daveonfxx is the smartest, funniest, new show out,” he writes. “Last nights season finale titled #Jail was delightfully disturbing. All 10 episodes available on @fxxnetwork on demand and @hulu right now. Oh and In case you didn’t notice @breakfastclubam made an appearance on last nights episode and just like that I MISS THE FUCK OUT OUR STUDIO. By the way this is not an ad, I’m not getting paid for this, I don’t even remember if I got paid for this scene, but I REALLY, REALLY, enjoy this show and if your humor is as sick as mine you probably will to.”

Have you been watching Dave? If so, is the hype deserved?