On the topic of lyricism, it doesn’t get much better than Wu-Tang Clan legend Raekwon. For decades now, the Park Hill Projects rapper has been consistently delivering dope music, his most recent album being 2017’s The Wild. Those keeping track know that Rae has yet to falter, and all signs point to another strong campaign in 2020. Today, Rae took to Instagram to announce his first project of the year, an EP by the name of The Appetition. 

Raekwon Announces New EP "The Appatition"

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Revealing the release date as January 17th, Rae also shared the comic-book-inspired cover art, though opted to keep further details close to his chest. Either way, it’s likely to be another impressive showing from the rapper, who may very well be one of the game’s most valuable players; a master of the abstract, stream-of-consciousness style of storytelling, Raekwon The Chef will likely go down in history as one of the game’s most accomplished writers, an integral member of the East Coast pantheon.

Check out the official announcement post below, and keep an eye out for some new music from Raekwon. The Appetition drops on January 17th, 2020.