The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds have a pretty contentious history, to say the least and last night, it came to blows as both teams cleared their dugouts to fight each other. As it turns out, the Reds were upset with how the Pirates were treating them all game and near the end of the match, Reds pitcher Amir Garrett stormed the Pirates dugout and landed a pretty solid punch. As you would imagine, this resulted in a huge brawl and bodies were everywhere all while some pretty vicious punches were landed.

Yasiel Puig was also involved in the brawl and what’s particularly interesting about it all, is that he was traded to the Cleveland Indians just a few hours later. Puig was ejected from the game which is to be expected, especially since he’s been ejected before. He also had to go through a two-game suspension earlier in the season.

These two teams will actually be playing against each other again tonight so that will certainly be an interesting tilt if neither team can stay on their best behavior. Dugout clearing brawls aren’t that rare in baseball but oftentimes they can be the most entertaining part of the whole game. Hopefully, these two teams can calm it down for tonight.