It’s been a little under a year since J.I.D.’s last solo album DiCaprio 2, though Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 certainly served as a suitable holdover. Yet with an upcoming No I.D. collaboration album in the works, as well as his next solitary endeavor, anticipation for J.I.D’s next move has been elevated to new heights. Evidently, J.I.D. himself has been feeling anxious about the drought, and took to Twitter to reveal his upcoming release window – albeit, sneakily.

For those keeping score, J.I.D. also took a moment to tease one of his more anticipated unreleased bangers in the ensuing comment thread. “Lions and tigers and n***as with knives,” he writes, in Emojispeak, harkening to this particular track. Die-hard J.I.D. fans are clearly familiar with this one, and if it’s indeed set to be included on his next project, we’re likely in for something truly special. At this point, J.I.D is looking to secure the autumn all to himself, calling back to last year’s DiCaprio 2, which arrived at the tail end of November.

On a more serious note, J.I.D’s comments that he’s depressed, and thus using music as a means of coping is somewhat troubling. We hope that the Dreamville lyricist finds some peace of mind beyond that of his artistic outlet, and should he be feeling down, take a well-deserved moment for himself. With frequent tours and a prolific work ethic, few hustle harder than J.I.D. Maybe the young rapper should treat himself to a vacation – he deserves it, doesn’t he?