Let the nostalgia flow through your veins and seize control of your body altogether. Omarion and T-Pain have officially linked up, calling back to a pair of eras far removed from the sound of today. That’s not to say their collaboration sounds dated in the slightest – in many ways their new single “Can You Hear Me” feels like a natural progression for the two R&B veterans. Not only that, but the song also has the added benefit of being a comeback single for the once-mighty Omarion, who has recently seen his name making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Musically, it’s hard not to see this one as a breath of fresh air. Taking to a bubbly instrumental fueled by the modern combo of 808s and “trap” hi-hats, Omarion allows himself room to flex like his glory days are only getting started. His confidence is only further emboldened by that of T-Pain, who thrives on tracks of this particular tempo; anyone familiar with the affable singer knows that his flow is nice, especially when he’s got the space to let it fly. Stream this one now, currently available in select international markets.