Eminem & Juice WRLD Get Villainous On Rap Clinic "Godzilla"

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Eminem and Juice WRLD slam the big red button.

As the masses rise from slumber, the word of Eminem's Music To Get Murdered By continues to spread. Shady's second surprise album in three years, the Hitchcock-inspired project served as a proverbial backhand, a wake-up call no alarm clock can grant. While there's plenty to unpack on this one, resolutions to a few lingering narratives and such, one of the most rewarding moments arrive by way of a bittersweet storyline.

It's no secret that Juice WRLD was among the game's biggest Eminem fans, famously bodying Slim instrumentals for nearly one hour straight. On "Godzilla," the late rapper secures his first feature with Em, holding it down with a cartoonishly villainous hook; it's sad that he's not around to see it manifest, but his presence is appreciated all the same. Lyrically, it's safe to say that Em is in his bag, his sinister cleverness on full-display - few have mastered gallows humor like Shady. By the time the third verse rolls around, he's channeling pure "Rap God" energy, spitting what may very well be the fastest verse of his career. You have to see it to believe it.

What is your favorite song off Music To Be Murdered To?

Quotable Lyrics

Bitch, I'm a player, I'm too motherfuckin' stingy for Cher
Won't even lend you an ear, ain't even pretending to care
But I tell a bitch I'll marry her if she'll bury her
Face on my genital area, the original Richard Ramirez
Christian Rivera, 'cause my lyrics never sit well
So they wanna give me the chair
Like a paraplegic, and it's scary, call it Harakiri 
'Cause every time a Dick and Harry carry and marry a motherfuckin' dictionary
Got 'em swearing up and down, they can't spit, this shit's hilarious

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