Jim Jones Says Supreme Owes Dipset $1 Billion, Feuds With Wale Over “Boo Boo” Nikes

Jim Jones isn’t forcing Supreme to pony up the residual billion, but he wouldn’t say NO either.

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Jim Jones Says Supreme Owes Dipset $1 Billion, Feuds With Wale Over “Boo Boo” Nikes

During Jim Jones' recent appearance on Full Size Run, the Dipset Capo pushed his weight around mightily. On the topic of Supreme, Jim Jones contends that he and Juelz Santana likely made the streetwear brand a cool billion off the back of that iconic Dipset t-shirt that reportedly earned them a meager payment $14,000 each, without any residual privileges written into their agreement. Just the one day of shooting.

Incidentally, that didn't stop the Dipset rappers from participating in future product launches with the brand. In 2017, Juelz was the poster child for the Timberland x Supreme launch of a 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot. Interestingly enough, Jim Jones was asked to comment on the emergence of the Nike Boot, which he unsurprisingly credited to Harlem and its fashion-oriented epicenter of 125th and beyond.

"This is going to be very controversial, but the Nike boots with the Air bubble at the bottom, they started in Harlem. All facts," Jones told the three hosts. Noted sneakerhead Wale was then brought up in passing seeing that his interest in "Nike Boots" manifested into an actual song.


Jim Jones was having none of it. He then proceeded to critique Wale's "boo boo" sneaker choice, with little regard for decorum, yet no ill-will whatsoever. Jim Jones is simply a Harlem essentialist: brash, confident, and unafraid to speak his mind. It wouldn't take long for Wale to clap back with a video repost titled:"Jim Jones wellin like shyt.. yes WELLIN." Jim Jones would eventually provide receipts for his claims, but only after Wale doubled in firepower with an adjacent Insta post. Harlem and Washington, DC, will continue to do battle over sartorial supremacy, until the cows some sauntering home.




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