Dating App Plenty Of Fish Bans "Deceptive" Filtered Images From Profiles

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Gotta show you the real you.

We think it's safe to say that everyone's been subject to the flawless effect that comes with the swipe of a filter on any given photo app. More people can even admit to uploading a few photos of themselves with filters on top of their images, be it a fun dog filter or a cute heart-eyed filter. Popular dating app, Plenty Of Fish, has announced a new regulation that will ban all users from uploading images that have a filter. 

"When looking for a partner online, it’s important that users feel like they’re seeing their matches as the real them in their photos, and not the glossed over, puppy-faced version a filter would supply," the site wrote in an official blog post. "Sure, these filters are fun, and they can even help you out when you’re not feeling like your freshest self – but do they belong on your dating profile?"

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Plenty Of Fish did a poll on its users and found that 70% of singles said that face filters make someone's appearance come across as deceptive. Another 23% agreed that seeing a profile with a face filter gives off a vibe of insecurity. 

"Plenty of Fish has taken action by implementing a face filter ban across the platform. As of today, images on Plenty of Fish that contain face filters will be moderated and removed. So it’s time to head over to your profile and make sure it’s officially filter-free," the company added. 

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