Cleveland Browns superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is known for being a big fan of expensive and flashy things, most notably watches and shoes. During Monday Night Football last night, OBJ took the field with yet another expensive watch, this time costing him a light $2 million. While his watch was the talk of casual football fans, sneakerheads couldn’t help but notice what was on his feet. Beckham came through with some fire in both the warmup and the game which furthered his status as one of the league’s most prominent sneaker aficionados.

ESPN sneaker reporter Nick DePaula took to Twitter with some detailed images of the cleats which are supposed to represent some of OBJ’s favorite sneakers in his collection. For instance, the pre-game cleats are inspired by the “Fresh Prince” Gold Jordan 5, while his in-game cleats look like a pair of Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboards.”

OBJ’s sneakers worked out well for him as he scored an 89-yard touchdown and had 161 yards on six catches. It seems as though OBJ is starting to fit in well with the Browns offense and should be interesting to see how the team progresses throughout the season.

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