With the departure of Kevin Durant and an injury to Klay Thompson, it’s safe to say the Golden State Warriors won’t be the same team next season. The team has made it to the NBA Finals every single season for the last five years and when it comes to the upcoming season, not many people have them going very far. During Wednesday’s episode of ESPN’s Get Up!, Jalen Rose offered his prediction for who will make the playoffs in the Western Conference.

The former player said the Houston Rockets would finish first in the Conference, while the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Clippers would round out the top 3. As far as the Warriors are concerned, Rose predicted they would make the playoffs but would be a low seed.

“They’ll be in the seven seed. Steph Curry probably won’t play all 82 games for obvious reasons. Draymond Green is gonna be terrific this year in a contract season,” Rose explained. “Klay Thompson isn’t playing. D’Angelo Russell is gonna supplement them very well on the offensive side. But defensively, he and Steph in the backcourt are gonna struggle against the best guards in the Western Conference.”

Rose’s prediction is a bold one, especially since he claimed the Los Angeles Lakers would be the fifth seed despite the addition of Anthony Davis and Boogie Cousins.

Where do you think the Warriors will end up this season?