Power season 6 is still underway with many twists and turns as 50 Cent previously teased. Last night, there was a huge turn in the episode when Ghost was shot and was seen falling over. The mid-season cliffhanger left fans wondering a) who shot Ghost and b) whether he was actually dead. Unfortunately, the show is going to be on hold until the holidays are over so fans are certainly left wondering what is set to happen to Ghost. 


Bow Wow hit the ‘Gram expeditiously to share his theory surrounding the death of Ghost. While the creator of Power was very reluctant to give any more details, Bow Wow theorized something that may or may not have any sort of validity to it. “I think my bro fif not dead!” He wrote on Instagram before acknowledging that he might sound crazy for his conspiracy. “Ghost been seeing ghosts and talking to them and I think his mind so gone since his daughter died he don’t know what’s real or fake. I think the convo he had w fif was real. Fif was the only person left in the building and ghost new girlfriend. Who else would be able to kill him that fast. None of the suspects walking into the club ACTUALLY MADE IT INSIDE,” he continued.

“They will show how F ain’t die and maybe Tariq had something to do with it by helping fif get in the place. Member there was a car following and watching Ghost. Then the shootout which they never showed who was tryna kill Ghost and Tommy,” Bow Wow theorized.

It should be noted that Kanan’s body was shown at the morgue following his death. It looks like we’ll all have to wait until January to find out.