Imagine taking a nice walk through the park and checking out the turtles in the pond when BAM! An alligator appears from out of nowhere. What the heck would you do? Would you calmly walk away? Run back to your crib? Parts of Chicago’s Humboldt Park have been shut down this week after a wild alligator sighting. According to CNN, the reptile was just chilling around the park for a week, leaving locals frightened and unsure of what to do. The gator was even affectionately nicknamed Chance the Snapper, a play on the city’s hometown hero Chance the Rapper. Well, Chano has officially been captured and Chi-Town residents have nothing to fear for the time being.

Chicago officials brought in an alligator expert from Florida to help them safely handle Chance the Snapper, who is approximately four to five feet long. The city is under the impression that somebody who once owned the alligator dumped it in the lagoon but there are no suspects yet regarding that. It is illegal to own an alligator in the state of Illinois.

Chance the Snapper was last seen by somebody in the park on Thursday last week. He has been safely caught though and a press conference will be held today with more details.