Roddy Ricch dropped off his long-awaited album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial this past week after being nominated for two Grammys. It’s possible that the young rapper could garner some more awards for this new project. Ricch effortlessly grooves through the tracklist, but “High Fashion” is one of the best songs of the bunch. The single is produced by Mustard, with whom Ricch collaborated with on the Grammy-nominated track “Ballin.” 

The two reunite for “High Fashion,” a smooth single with reverberating pianos and silky R&B percussions. Roddy devotes his lyrics to a fashionable love interest that has held him down both in the streets and in bed. Roddy chooses to spoil his lover while serenading her with memorable hook and witty verses. 

Quotable Lyrics
I pull up to the high rise, I’m in the four-four
Inside cocoa
If I got a feeling, I keep it inside my heart
And I keep a Patek, too, ’cause I don’t do Versac’
You see my diamonds even when I’m in the dark
And since you got it, it make you go and do anything you want to