NBA OG 3Three has been making noise in Baton Rouge and beyond. The rapper has been making noise in the past two years with regional bangers that have helped him garner some serious attention. But with a new year just around the corner, he’s gearing up to make an even bigger splash in 2020. He came through earlier today with his new track, “Hold My Nutz.” NBA OG 3Three hits the triplet flow but his animated vocals match his equally animated bars as he compares himself to Popeyes and his opps to KFC.

Rich The Kid effortlessly breezes in on the last verse with a burst of energy. The rapper revisits his days before the glory while finding new ways to flex on the rap game.

Quotable Lyrics
Bitch, I was trappin’ the rock out my sock
Sippin’ the red ’cause I don’t want the Wok
I’m in the Wraith tryna look for an opp