Wednesday night, 21 Savage hopped on the back of Meek Mill's bike and the two of them took a joyride through the streets of Atlanta. 21 documented the adventure on Snapchat. It wasn't long before scores of fans took to his comments to call him gay.

A very irritated 21 posted a series of Snaps while lying in bed Thursday night in response to those who had questioned his sexuality. 

“These bitch ass motherfuckers always gotta comment and throw they two cents in on shit, man,” he said. “I’ll slap the fuck outta one of y’all in real life. Everything a nigga do motherfuckers say ‘Oh he ain’t no savage, he ain’t no street nigga he on the four wheeler, he gay.’ Don’t get the shit twisted, cause a nigga rap think a nigga a bitch. In real life I probably spit on one of y’all bitch ass niggas… I rap how I wanna rap, I say what I wanna say. If you don’t like it, nigga, delete it, don’t listen to it. Get off my dick, bitch.”

This week wasn't 21 and Meek's first rodeo. In July, 21 sat on the hood of Meek's four-wheeler as Meek busted tricks while rolling down Rick Ross' driveway.

Watch 21's rant below.