They are trying to get 21 Savage out here. Mere days after his release from ICE, and subsequent Good Morning America interview, 21 is already facing some potentially serious consequences. TMZ has reported that 21 is currently dealing with a felony warrant, and a pesky one at that. Apparently, back in 2016, 21 was set to play a show in Southern Georgia, picking up $9,500 in advance as well as a $7,500 balance upon arrival. For reasons unknown, 21 ultimately dipped without taking the stage, with the money reportedly still in his pocket. The move led to the promoter being down $17,000, and she proceeded to call the cops. 

Moses Robinson/Getty Images

After filing the paperwork, a felony warrant was placed for theft by deception. Yet nothing came of it for over two years. Sadly, things tend to come back and bite people on the ass every day. TMZ claims that the promoter has once again decided to pick up the sword and reopen the case, going so far as to call the Sherriff's office to enforce the warrant. It's especially dangerous now that 21 is standing on tenuous legal ground, and while the promoter's misfortune should not go unnoticed, the entire situation may be exactly what the hip-hop police are praying for.  

Still, TMZ sources affirm that 21's camp will be attempting to clear things up with the sheriff's office, and many are hoping this can all be settled in a suitable fashion. It goes without saying that a felony charge would be extremely damaging to 21's current situation, especially with the threat of deportation looming ever closer.