It’s been a minute since The Wizrd dropped at the onset of 2019, but some still hold the dark album as one of the year’s best thus far. And now, it would appear that Future has once again returned to the booth, having resulted in some promising new music. By now, the gang of Future’s baby mama’s is well documented, continuing to make headlines every so often. It’s no wonder that Future has opted to acknowledge some of his own relationship woes, albeit in a distanced fashion.

“Brokenhearted, fuck my bitch every night,” sings Future, sounding particularly melancholic. “I don’t know her name but she had my child.” Clearly, the man has some knots to untangle. More importantly, some names to learn. And yet, Future’s neverending cycle of hedonism and self-destruction often makes for some of his most compelling music, a fact of which he must be aware. As such, it’s likely he’ll continue to put his pain on the page, though his circumstances are nearly always the result of his own wrongdoing. 

Look for this one to surface in the coming months. Though we’ve already received an album and an EP from Big Future, this man has never been prone to the waiting game. Are you excited for another drop from “Sad Future?”