The affable and wise Killer Mike recently rolled through Breakfast Club, ostensibly to promote Trigger Warning, but also to dole out some knowledge. As he’s never been one to shy away from controversy, it’s no surprise that the tensions flared, as debates kicked off.

It seems to reach an apex around the thirty-five minute mark, when Killer Mike opens up about his education, reflecting on how a sense of “black pride,” helped strengthen his confidence moving forward. “I don’t care if I was a C student, I had a sense of pride,” explains Mike. “The community was black, my teachers were black, they taught me some imaginary white kids out there in the suburbs we were competing with so we had to do better. That gave me purpose, so by the time I met white children, I was an equal.”

Envy takes issue with Mike’s perspective, offering his own experience on the education come-up. Citing his mother’s wishes for him to avoid Andrew Jackson high school, which he calls one of the first to have metal detectors, opting for St. Francis Prep instead. “I had to take three or four buses to get to school, but the education was way better than the one at Andrew Jackson. Not only was the education better, but it gave me better opportunities by putting that school on my application.”

Mike retorts that given Envy’s wealth, his children would never have to deal with the same hostilities as those from a working-class family. “Being called n****as when your dad got a Ferarri don’t hurt as much,” says Mike, prompting a laugh from the ever-enabling Charlamagne. He continues to break it down, saying “if you can’t send your children to St-wherever…I’m saying to put confident children in the world!” He proceeds to let the passion flow, heating up his tone as he gets to his ultimate point. “Why are we not starting our own academies and supporting them? Why are we not supporting historically black universities? That’s where our heroes came from! My children go to public schools, cause I paid taxes for public schools, and they named for black people!”

Envy matches Mike’s energy, as the infamous “Beige Rage” meter pops up on screen. “A lot of those public school teachers are not getting paid, are overworked, and are not putting in the effort.” Mike is having none of it. “You are full of shit!” he roars. “To throw teachers under the bus is wrong!” Despite the “rage” meter teetering on red, Envy appears to be keeping his cool, drawing a correlation between his children’s success and their education. The debate doesn’t end there, so be sure to check it out below, especially if you like your Breakfast Club with a hint of intensity.