Dr. Dre Is Not Buying The L.A. Clippers For $1 Billion Cash

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A misunderstood parody article has led some to believe Dr. Dre will be acquiring the Los Angeles Clippers. This is not the case.

Parody headlines are getting a lot of mileage these days. Most recently an article which joked about Kanye West comparing himself to the late Nelson Mandela went viral after many took it literally. This could be attributed to weak satire, readers being too quick to believe everything they see, or perhaps most likely, parody sites banking on misunderstanding to generate page views.

The blame may fall squarely on the readers in the case of this most recent Dr. Dre story however, as it's a little too ridiculous not to question.  

The fake news piece alleges that Dre and business partner Jimmy Iovine have negotiated a deal with Donald Sterling to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for $1 Billion CASH-- the article obviously inspired by Apple's recent purchase of Beats Audio for $3.2 Billion.

The article goes on to make a few more ridiculous claims, saying, “Dr. Dre says not much will change for the Clippers except for all players will required to wear Beats headphones and Donald Sterling along with Suge Knight will not be allowed at any Clippers games.”

In REAL Dr. Dre news, his lawsuit against Death Row Records was just thrown out-- though something tells us he's not too concerned about it.


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Dr. Dre Is Not Buying The L.A. Clippers For $1 Billion Cash
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