A$AP Rocky fans are likely familiar with ALL SMILES, a title that has been oft-teased throughout cryptic social media posts for years. And while Rocky’s latest effort Testing proved a divisive effort, many have been eagerly looking toward his next full-length effort, especially in light of his harrowing experience on Swedish soil. And now, thanks to a revealing description of some AWGE attire, we may very well have confirmation of its title. 

A$AP Rocky's New Album Seemingly Titled "All Smiles"
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images 

Behold the “All Smiles” t-shirt, which you can check out and/or purchase right here. In the official description, which boasts of a cotton-based foundation if that wasn’t enticing enough, Rocky’s next title is all but confirmed. “It’s not a coincidence that this T-shirt is called All Smiles: it’s the name of an album by award-winning rapper, singer, song-writer (all-round creative), A$AP Rocky,” reads the description. And, if you’re curious about how the t-shirt might be worn, they’ve got you covered: “Don it with jogging bottoms and equally sunny-toned kicks.”

Whether it’s one hundred percent official remains to be seen, but given that Rocky has been hyping ALL SMILES for a minute, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the teasers manifest into reality. Sadly, the description failed to provide a potential release window, but it could very well land before year’s end. Will you be tuning in to some new music from Flacko?