The first piece to the 2018 NBA All Star puzzle was revealed last night. LeBron James was the leading vote-getter in the Eastern Conference and Steph Curry received the most votes out West, which means they'll be captains for the upcoming All Star draft.

Because LeBron had the most votes of any player, he'll be awarded first pick of the eight remaining All Stars who were announced last night. 

The remaining eight All Star starters, Kyrie Irving, Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMar DeRozan and Joel Embiid from the East, and Kevin Durant, James Harden, Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins from the West, will all be drafted in the "first round." In this round, LeBron will pick first and the picks will alternate back and forth until all eight players are off the board.

The 14 All Star reserves, to be revealed on January 23 (TNT, 7 p.m. ET), will be drafted in the "second round." Steph Curry will get to choose first in this round and the picks will alternate until each captain has selected 11 teammates for his All Star squad.

The only caveat is that each team must have a minimum of three guards on its roster at the conclusion of the draft.

Unfortunately, the NBA won't be televising the picks so we won't know for sure how things played out. Unless, one of the players spills the beans. 

Both team rosters will be revealed on Thursday, January 25 at 7pm ET during a special one-hour edition of TNT NBA Tip-Off. The NBA All Star Game will take place at Staples Center in LA on Sunday, February 18th at 8pm ET.