Warning: Spoilers Ahead. 

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Couple Kirk & Rasheeda along with the rest of the gang attempt to deal with the aftermath of Sierra’s cheating revelation. BK automatically closes up, choosing to bottle up his feelings rather than speaking on them. Both Rasheeda and Kirk decide to meddle in the affair and so in hopes to bring the couple closer. To further squash the beef at all fronts, Rasheeda decides to bring Karlie, Joc, and Kendra together to manage their budding issue. The intervention quickly turns sour, with Karlie tossing a shoe at Kendra and coming close to hitting Bambi in doing so. The latter ends with Karlie storming out while spewing accusations that everyone is against her. 


Moreover, following a witty exercise centered on the concept of letting go, the couples individually cite intentions to release past hurt and pain. While most find their relationship sparked anew upon the trip’s conclusion, tension still remains between BK and Sierra. 


Karlie is still salty about the way things ended with her fiancé Mo. As such, she takes out her anger and frustration on everyone at the couple’s retreat. Rasheeda finally sits her down and attempts to get to the root of Karlie’s issues. The former tugs at Karlie’s forgiveness bone and leads her to meet up with Mo. The couple reunite after an intimate moment wherein Mo promises his fiancé to never place her in a position of mistrust again. The two get back together and Karlie proudly puts on the previously tossed engagement ring. 


Unfortunately for Pooh, Karlie’s streak of forgiveness ends abruptly upon them finally meeting. Pooh maintains her stance on Karlie’s lying nature further affirming to have never hooked up with BK. And despite Mimi’s attempts to facilitate a mediation between the nemesis, both women squabble at Pooh’s cocktail party. Drinks and insults are tossed, clearly hinting that their beef is not ending any time soon. 


Akbar V. arrives at a showcase to flaunt her rhymes and ability to be petty. Her beef with Tokyo Vanity has only furthered since the previous episode wherein Moniece passed her over for the other female rapper. Both Spice and Che Mack were in attendance, yet that did not stop Akbar from spitting her truth. Right after Tokyo’s performance, Akbar V. hopped on stage and delivered a set of personally-targeted bars for her novel enemy, Tokyo. Akbar insisted on letting all of Atlanta know that she grew here, while her haters flew here. The artist’s pride towards her city is understandable, but is it worth fighting over?


Upon meeting with Sierra after the drama-filled ordeal, Sierra attempted to reason with Akbar and remind her of the promises of self-improvement she made at the beginning of the season. Furthermore, Sierra believes Akbar V. is beginning to stray from her mission and encouraged her to stay focused on positivity rather than drama. Unfortunately for now, there is no way to know if Akbar V. will follow her friend’s wise advice.  


Mama Dee stepped out of the palace to meet up with Scrappy’s ex, Erica Dixon. The two caught up and discussed Dixon’s pregnancy, from which the expecting mother shared some concerns. Accordingly, Erica admitted her twin babies were at risk of health complications because they were monochorionic. The latter refers to twin babies sharing the same placenta, which often leads to one twin overfeeding on nutrients and placing the other at risk of health problems. However, it is important to note we recently reported on Erica Dixon giving birth to healthy twin babies, therefore no further problems ensued. 


Relatedly, Erica voiced her concerns surrounding Scrappy’s lack of communication and blamed Bambi as the underlying cause. Mama Dee ran with the information and tried to work things out with both her son and daughter-in-law. Whether or not her attempts were successful is something to be determined in the later episodes.