Iggy Azalea Reveals New Single With Rita Ora, Gives Booty Advice At Summer Jam

Iggy Azalea talked to HotNewHipHop about her influences, her upcoming single, and her famous figure at Summer Jam 2014.

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Iggy Azalea currently has the top two songs in America-- her collaboration with Ariana Grande, "Problem", and of course her breakout single "Fancy". It was strange then, to see her as the very first performer on the festival stage this weekend, but it's just a testament to how fast her success came about.

HNHH had the chance to catch up with the Australian-born rapper at the Beats By Dre tent, asking her about a variety of topics, including her next choice of single, her influences, as well as how to attain her striking figure.

"The next song that I'm going to put out as a single will be "Black Widow" with Rita Ora," said Iggy, revealing some ambitious plans for the visual accompaniment. "We're gonna have a very crazy music video, with a lot of other people that you guys may know, playing different characters. I'm really excited about it."

As far as how she keeps her body (namely her behind) in such great shape, Azalea revealed it's all done by a simple home work out. "Just do as many [squats] as you can before bed," she said. "When you're a woman, you try to make time for the gym, and for a big work-out routine. I find with what I'm doing, that seems impossible. If you just take the time to do some squats, and also some sit-ups every night before you go to bed. That's the best thing. Just don't skip it, like brushing your teeth."

When asked about her influences, Iggy listed some of her favorite rap acts growing up. "I love Outkast, I love Tip. I love Houston, Rap-A-Lot Records," she shared. "The thing that I always loved about Southern music was that they were country, and being from Australia, I was from the Country. So that was a thing that I kind of felt like I could identify with more than with arapper that was from L.A. and New York City."

Watch the full interview below.

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Iggy Azalea Reveals New Single With Rita Ora, Gives Booty Advice At Summer Jam
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