Somebody's been getting salty while watching episodes of 2 Chainz's "World's Most Expensivest Shit." The rapper's just been accused of breaching a contract with an Atlanta entertainment company, Rockmo Entertainment, and is being sued to the tune of $1.5 million.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by HipHopWired, the company paid Chainz $60,000 for a show in ATL in 2013, with the stipulation that he couldn't play or market any shows in Atlanta for two weeks before and after the scheduled event. The lawsuit alleges that the rapper not only breached the contract, but performed another show at a different venue on the same night.

Quoth lawyer Jerry R. Caldwell:

“Mr. Epps and his team blatantly violated a very basic obligation of my client’s agreement. Rockmo Entertainment fulfilled all of its contractual obligations including, but not limited to, paying 2 Chainz $60,000. As a result of all of the Defendants’ bad faith and willful disregard for 2 Chainz’s contractual obligations with Rockmo Entertainment, my client has suffered extreme financial damages and irreparable harm to its professional representation. At the end of the day, everyone made money at the expense of my client.” 

Stay tuned for updates.