2 Chainz run-in with a few robbers in San Francisco caught him a lot of media attention, although it may not have been for the reasons Tity Boi wanted. Following the incident, there was a lot of confusion as to what exactly went down. At first it seemed like 2 Chainz was denying everything, and the first person to speak up on what happened wasn't even Tity Boi, but his bodyguard, Harold Folsom.

Folsom explained to an Ohio radio station how the robbers pointed guns at 2 Chainz and his crew, and he stated that it was the rapper who started running away first, so everyone else followed. Tity Boi's bodyguard caught a wave of headlines with his interview, following which, the rapper himself spoke up. 

In a new interview with Vlad TV, 2 Chainz revealed that bodyguard in question no longer works for him, because of the way he handled the situation in San Francisco (and not because he gave an interview about it).

"He's not my bodyguard anymore," the rapper revealed. "I didn't hear his interview. I don't know what happened. I don't have anything negative to say. Coming from where I come from, there's certain instincts that you have. There's certain reflexes you have, and I can't expect everyone... You know, they have fire drills in school. But they don't tell you what's going to happen if it's a real fire in the school. They don't expect people to line up, and stop drop and roll."

He continued, "The experiences that I went through besides San Francisco, the experiences that I go through in life period: there ain't no rehearsal for it. And so, I can't expect everybody to know what to do, how to move, how to do certain things, because it's different habitats."

Peep his full interview with Vlad TV below.