Pretty Girls Like Trap Music has been widely acclaimed as one of 2 Chainz' most lyrical and introspective records thus far. Therefore, it's no surprise that the rapper has a genuine gift with words, and can use said gift to his benefit from time to time. According to Page Six News, the rapper was recently in New York to film a segment for Action Bronson's Fuck That's Delicious program.

A Page Six News "spy" alleges that cops were about to issue tickets for all the SUVs and equipment vans parked along ninth avenue, but 2 Chainz was able to diffuse the situation. Apparently, "2 Chainz, who was decked out in $1,050 Gucci slippers, talked his way out of the tickets and even posed for photos with the officers, causing a crowd wanting in on the impromptu photo session.” 

Next time you find yourself at risk for a parking ticket, take note and channel your inner Tity Boi.