LeBron James Participates In Full-Contact Drills, Return Is Imminent

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Kyle Kuzma is questionable for tonight's tilt with the Phoenix Suns.

LeBron James' imminent return from injury is good news for anyone not named "Luke Walton." Shortly after reports out of Lakers' basecamp surfaced, pointing to LeBron's apparent rejection of Coach Walton, Lakers' were alerted of his imminent return.

When the Los Angeles Lakers face the Phoenix Suns tonight, it will mark the 16th consecutive game that LeBron James has missed since suffering a groin injury over the Christmas Holidays. To put that in perspective, the 16-game streak is the longest of his career. LeBron has never missed more than 13 games in a single NBA season.

ESPN has learned that LeBron James has returned to "full contact" drills with the rest of his teammates, and although he'll tonight's action on short notice, the power forward could make his official return as early as Tuesday when the Lakers host the 76ers. Of course, with LeBron's camp vocal about their displeasure with Luke Walton, a healthy return to action only hastens the inevitable, especially if the team starts displaying its early-season promise once again. Let's not forget, LeBron is the same ball-buster who got David Blatt sacked with the Cavs sitting on 41-30 record going into the 2016 NBA playoffs.

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