It’s a great day for hip-hop. The legendary rapper DMX, who has contributed countless hits and a pair of classic albums to the culture, has officially been released from prison. According to TMZ, X left the West Virginia Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution earlier this morning, after spending the last year behind bars for tax evasion. Apparently, his family was there to pick him up, though X himself has issued no official comment as of yet. 

Still, it has been reported that X is looking to hit the ground running. The rapper is looking to ready a new album, as well as return to the cinematic fold with a few projects, including a possible biopic. While it’s great to see DMX back on his feet, he’s not quite out of the woods yet. The rapper will have to pay $2.3 million in restitution, as well as partake in programs for substance abuse and mental health. Hopefully, X can find peace with himself, as he has often sought openly throughout his “Prayer” series.

There’s little doubt that an outpouring of support will ensue, as X’s status remains respected to this day. Expect more news on the Ruff Ryders icon to come in the imminent future. In the meantime, X is slated to appear at the Lotus Lounge on February 8th, to celebrate his return. Welcome home, DMX!