Anders, Rich The Kid & FrancisGotHeat's ''Sticky Situation'' Is The Sound Of Marijuana

''Sticky Situation'' by Anders, Rich The Kid and FrancisGotHeat brought the vibe in vibration.

BYSandra E
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Anders, the Toronto-based artist collaborated with Rich The Kid and producer FrancisGotHeat to create the first recorded song made of sounds extracted from cannabis. This sounds weird, but it's true. Snoop's digital media weed company, Merry Jane participated in the production, creating a weed-infused vibration in the track. Due to a partnership with eOne and Merry Jane, these recording artists revolutionized beats by extracting ''vibrations and bio-rhythmic sounds'' from cannabis.

The track ''Sticky Situation,'' speaks for itself. It's a song made from weed and about weed, which isn't foreign to Rich The Kid who usually loves to write songs about the plant. Anders killed the hook, and made the cannabis-infused sound super catchy and dance-worthy. FrancisGotHeat lived up to his name while creating this masterpiece, making sure that all sounds were naturally made. Anders showed off his vocals and lyrical prowess, while Rich The Kid added that extra flare. It took a lot of work to produce this revolutionary track, which was initially made as a tribute to the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

While the plant is legal in some states, other states have yet to make the change. In the meantime, if you can't enjoy some sticky icky in your city, you can get high off the weed vibrations from this song.

Quotable Lyrics

They thought I was hopeless
Don't link me when I glow up
Course I let her roll-up
Purple when I pull up

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