When Thutmose dropped his project, Man On Fire, last year, he made clear that he was one to watch. Since then, the Nigerian-born artist has steadily continued to take steps towards stardom. He supported Billie Eilish on her sold-out headlining tour and featured on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. His contribution to the soundtrack, “Memories,” has garnered 28 million streams and will be included on his upcoming EP, Don’t Wake Me.

Today, we got another single from the EP, “Ambience.” Yes, the title is intentionally misspelled; it’s a play on Ambien, the sedative that Thutmose references in the first verse. However, there’s nothing sleepy about this song. It’s actually incredibly invigorating. There’s a sweeping chorus that is uplifted by afrobeat rhythms and the hiccuping sample-chop of Koffee’s “Raggamuffin.” When asked by HNHH about his desired legacy, Thutmose gave the following response: “I’m very competitive. I used to play sports so I have a competitive nature in me, but there’s also this part of me where I care about integrity and impact and longevity. For me, I just want to be one of the best.” We’re excited to see where this drive takes him. 

Quotable Lyrics

I know I can change that but I don’t want nobody else
So I stay home in the day time
Know it ain’t right
But I’ve been taking Ambiens
Just to spend a lil more time with you baby