Ma$e Is Evidently Filing For A Divorce From His Wife, Twyla Betha

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Despite their apparently happy marriage, reports are coming in that Ma$e is filing for divorce from Twyla Betha.

While there are those who would consider this a bit of a shock, others will see it as a long time coming. After all, according to the alleged documents, the couple split back in 2012 before reconciling and diving into a bout of apparently unsuccessful marriage counseling sessions as the couple is now filing for divorce. 

Perhaps this isn't the ideal image Twyla and Ma$e want to cultivate for themselves, considering they released a couple of books in a series called, "What You Do After I Do?"

Ma$e made his return to Hip Hop a little while back, which perturbed members of his congregation. Remember, he also is a Pastor and founder of the El Elyon International Church and Mason Betha Ministries. Particular issue was taken with his appearance on Remo The Hitmaker's song “Tricky Situation," where Ma$e spits the line, "I get the honeymoon, you marry her."

Sounds like a class act. Well, if these reports are true, hopefully this means he will put more time into the music. Keep posted. 


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Ma$e Is Evidently Filing For A Divorce From His Wife, Twyla Betha
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