It’s been over two years since A$AP Twelvyy released his debut album, 12. Many have been hoping that a new album is on the way but he’s still been releasing loose tracks to hold fans over. Today, he returned with a brand new track, “LYBB (Garments Renaissance) Freestyle.” The rapper’s latest single is a bit dusty and lo-fi but it gives a nostalgic 90s feel to it. Although he’s seen a ton of success in recent years, the song’s title takes its name from Twelvyy’s company, LYBB, which stands for Last Year Being Broke. Twelvyy flexes his fashion sensibilities and his come-up in the rap game.

“LYBB (Garments Renaissance) arrives about a month after he dropped off his last single, “Kratez.” Hopefully, he has something in the cut to drop before the end of the year.

Quotable Lyrics
Cherry red straps gotta match with the guava
Donned all white, Off-White like I’m clockin’
12 got it poppin’, I couldn’t get a box in
Now I got my options, my whole clique locked in
Lemonade pack, matte black on my Goddess
Used to play stacks, eight cracks in my Dockers