Kingston star Davo decides to come through this weekend and share a new song & accompanying video with Tory Lanez called “Pull Up.”

“As soon as me and (in-house engineer) Johan heard the beat I started singing, ‘I got lots of cash on me cash one me,’ then Johan said just go in the booth,” Davo recalled. “As soon as we recorded the song we knew instantly this was a joint for the radio waves—the type of energetic vibes that bring happiness and dancing.” Tory Lanez eventually heard the track after it was completed and wanted to get on. “He liked it so much he told me to leave an open verse on the song,” Davo said. “We have been recording together for almost 15 years so it’s like day in the park for us when we collaborate, nothing but positive vibes and laughter whenever we are in the same room. That’s why the song is full of great vibes.”

“[It’s] a video that every drag racer or car-lover would love,” he added.

Davo is currently working on a number of projects set to drop within the upcoming months. Look for this to live on one of those projects. For now, check out the new release and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Pour it up and we gon’ roll it down
If I fuck you shawty hold it down
Only got one night ’cause we from outta town
Heard your nigga ballin’ but he’s so out of bounds

– Tory Lanez