Recently, we reported on R. Kelly losing one of the many civil lawsuits set against him surrounding sexual assault allegations. The shamed singer lost by forfeit after a failure to show up in court with regards to a sexual abuse case surrounding the then 16-year old Heather Williams. R. Kelly new legal team filed a motion in Cook County to have the judge throw out the case on the grounds that the musician did not show up to defeat the claims. To further challenge the courts, R. Kelly claimed to have been confused and overwhelmed along with blaming his lack of consideration for the served papers to his illiteracy

As such, the judge tied to the ordeal felt generous and vacated the aforementioned judgment. Hence this grants R. Kelly the full legal rights to fight the lawsuit. According to his attorneys, Zaid Abdallah, and Raed Shalabi, “We’ve never been part of a criminal case where an alleged victim has filed a civil case during a criminal proceeding.” Certainly, this accounts for one win for R. Kelly, though there are multiple other lawsuits and legal troubles the singer must face before he can fully claim to be off the hook.