As the world evolves and technology begins to get better and better, we’re able to develop new things that are supposed to help our society in a variety of different ways. If you’re the good people at Toyota though, you’re more focused on developing super humans that will quite literally make human basketball players extinct. If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about, you’ll soon find out and honestly, it’s only a little bit scary. Okay no, it’s very scary.

Yesterday, during a B-League basketball game in Japan, Toyota engineers strolled out CUE3, a basketball playing robot that has a pretty robotic jumper (Ha, see what I did there?). They set CUE3 up just ahead of the halfcourt line and put a basketball in his hands. While it wasn’t pretty or fluid, CUE3 hit the shot with a perfect swish. The arena erupted in applause and quite honestly, we’re all doomed.

Just thinking about this robot should scare the likes of Steph Curry. The robot can practically shoot from anywhere and make any shot with ease. While the technology isn’t perfect, just imagine what will exist in the next few years. If these sharpshooters aren’t careful, they’re going to be replaced.

For now, though, we should probably slow down and not jump to conclusions. I mean, it’s just a robot, right? It can’t hurt us…right?