Common, feeling inspired after writing his memoir Let Love Have the Last Word, decided to drop an accompanying album. The project, aptly titled Let Loverolls along for eleven tracks. Most of the album looks at love from a point of positive emotion, but “Fifth Story” highlights a different facet of love. Common weaves a tale of infidelity that ends with a twist, and ties directly into the song’s title. The legendary rapper enlists Leikeli47 for the chorus, which flips the story from a 3rd person perspective to the viewpoint of the woman who is being cheated on. 

Let Love is a rather slow album, but “Fifth Story” adds a little bit of excitement to the project. It isn’t a club or radio banger by any standard, but the storytelling and pacing are reminiscent of a younger Common who patiently delivered the story’s twist in the final moments. 

Quotable Lyrics
She like, “Damn, damn” like Kendrick from Compton
Wonderin’ if her man on some Tristan Thompson
Is it reality or in her conscious?
That’s wild if they did it in they apartment