Logic has considered himself to be one of the best and most lyrical rappers in the game, although public perception hasn’t always been favorable to him. Despite this, he has persevered throughout the industry and this year, he dropped his album called Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, to admittedly mixed reviews. Either way, it’s clear that Logic is here to stay as his rabid fan base is constantly demanding new music, regardless of how it may turn out. One of the stand out tracks from the album is called “Icy” and features Gucci Mane.

This latest video shows off both rappers flexing their wealth and getting as the name of the song suggests, icy. It’s not your typical Logic song as the braggadocious lyrics go against the positive message he had been hitting people with for years. The song is more of a commentary on the music industry than anything else and is further proof that Logic will stop at nothing to make his feelings be known on specific topics.