Michael Rapaport’s hot takes have landed him in trouble in the past but that hasn’t stopped him from using Twitter as his podium. The actor’s an avid hip-hop head and even directed a documentary on A Tribe Called Quest. His outlook on the genre is very much from a purists standpoint. During last night’s NBA All-Star Game, Meek Mill opened things up with a fiery performance of a medley of his tracks which received two thumbs down by Rapaport.

According to Michael Rapaport, Meek Mill isn’t even a top 20 rapper from Philly. The actor blasted Meek over his performance last night, questioning the rapper’s ability to rap on beat. “Meek Mill have a hearing problem? Because he rhymes off the actual beat on everything he’s on. Literally off the beat, like NoFlow,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m sorry seeing Meek Mill perform entirely off beat AGAIN, this time at the All Star Game, got me in my feelings (Pun intended) I started by saying he’s gonna do good things in real life, just hopefully on beat,” he added.

Rapaport’s beef with Meek went deeper than just the All-Star game. He went on to claim that Meek Mill is a trash rapper who has a great story and a great look that has carried his career this far. 

He continued to bash Meek Mill over his feud with Drake. “Meek Mill had a chance to prove he was a dope Rapper…..and then came DRAKE. That was a moment to stand tall as RAPPER. Like I said, great story, great look probably gonna do some positive stuff, none of that means you’re a DOPE MC. Dragged by DRAKE?” He wrote. 

Adding, “Where I’m from, if you get dragged by DRAKE & don’t respond you’re & always will be WACK. At least make it competitive. Re-Up Something People catching feelings, cause you know I’m right about Meek Mill.”

Peep his tweets below.